Lake Bluff Hub & Cycle  (where Activator was located) 
79 East Scranton Ave
Lake Bluff, Il 60044

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Quotes I recently completely replaced all of the components on my Cannondale but could not get the shifting and a few other things set quite right. So I decided to stop by Actiator cycles to have them do their thing and man they were AWESOME, friendly and knowledgeable and thorough. I worked with Nick and Nate to go over all of the things that needed attention and they really did a great job, not only did they get my bike totally dialed in they did it wicked fast and also made sure it was done to my satisfaction. In a time of big chain bike shops it's refreshing to know that real expert bike shops still exist and care about the customer, they live bikes and it shows! Rock on! Quotes
Wicked Happy Customer

Quotes Nick and Nate at Activator have been very service oriented and helpful in getting my old steel steed ready for this riding season. In addition, they've fixed botched service jobs done by other local bike shops. I've found the place I want to take my business thanks to their extra attention to detail and service. Activator is a solid bike shop. Doesn't hurt that it's near a good brew pub... Quotes
Brad Dunlap
Rider of Steel, Wearer of Wool

Quotes Nate did a tune-up a couple of weeks ago, which included washing the bike. I've known Nick for 11 years, so I knew I'd get good service at a fair price. I got the bike back within six days in top condition! Quotes
Dave Bentley
Porky Recreational Cyclist

Quotes Nate has been taking care of my bikes for the last 12 years. There?s not a thing Nate can?t adjust or repair. Nate?s the best!!! Quotes
Mike B
wannabe racer

Quotes Nick is an amazing person. Too often, North Shore Bike shop staff will treat those who express interest in purchasing an extremely expensive bike differently than someone who wants a repair. We brought in an old Schwinn for a bike seat replacement. I was incredibly impressed by Nick's willingness to not only replace the old seat with a comfortable seat at a reasonable price, but also to exemplify the best in customer service. i'd highly recommend Activator Cycles as the place for repairs and for bike purchase. Quotes
Jim Borman

Quotes Just spent 90 minutes with Nate...repaired a cassette that was about to come apart, set me up on a trainer to see why I was having hand and shoulder pain. My seat was 2" too low, and he switched out the original flat handlebar for one that was 1.5" wider and 1" higher at the ends...while I waited. Only time will tell, but my legs, hands and shoulders all felt better on the ride home! I'll be back soon for some tubeless trail tires. Thanks guys! Quotes
brent murphy
2003 Litespeed Pisgah

Quotes I found myself in need of a pit stop about 70 miles into a ride and ran into this shop. It was somewhat of a miracle that I found them. The guys at Activator hooked me up with a nice 30 minute break from my morning on the saddle. They gave me some free coffee, refilled my bottles, a friendly environment and had a stocked arsenal of gu's and bars for me to choose from. If you are ever rolling up far north on Sheridan and need a break for water, food, a conversation or mechanical. Stop at Activator. Quotes
Erik Kiser

Quotes I brought my bicycle in for much needed advice regarding my components. Nate was not only knowledgeable, he was patient with all my questions, and got back to me with answers to all my questions within a day. My bicycle was in for less than a week, and Pink Be-Be came back to me much faster, more responsive and a lot more fun to ride. Thank you, Nate, for the good service and for sharing your bike expertise with a newbie cyclist. Quotes
Happy Pink Be-Be owner

Quotes Hey Nick, Last week, I stopped in and picked up that Surly Steamroller from you. ?I can't tell you how much I love this bike. ?I've already put about 50 miles on it, and I'm looking forward to hundreds more. ?There's something really special about buying from someone who knows what they're talking about and who loves what they do. ?I can tell that you're really passionate about riding, and you made the whole experience amazing. You're a great guy, and I hope I get to ride with you someday soon! Quotes
Paul Tzirides
Awesome Road Bike

Quotes My 20 year-old Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo needed a new set of tires. Nick (sr.) was on the case. He sourced me some great new (and inexpensive) tires. They were also kind enough to put them on the rims for me, and even straighten one of my wheels. Gotta love a small bike shop when the owner is on the job. Quotes
Satisfied biker